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Technical Class Voucher (for 2)

Technical Class Voucher (for 2)


In our Technical Class, you'll learn the more technical bits of chocolate work! With the studio all to yourselves (and with the dedicated tuition of one of our chocolatiers) we'll guide you through the elements of what it takes to be an expert in all things chocolate. Starting with a chocolate tasting, discovering and discussing flavour notes from our range of single origins, as a pair you'll then choose your own flavour combinations to create 2 rich chocolate ganaches. We'll take you through an in depth guide to tempering, and teach you how we fill chocolate bonbon moulds (just like our own!) You'll make a whole tray of 32 chocolates, using your 2 different ganache flavours, and finish by dusting and decorating them to perfection. We provide all the packaging to gift wrap your creations at the end, just give them that professional touch. Everything you make is yours to take home and show off your skills (now sharing them.. now that's a different story) 

Due to COVID-19 there is no expiry date on our vouchers. Just give us a call to book in your class when you're ready!

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