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Couple's Class Voucher (for 2)

Couple's Class Voucher (for 2)


In our Couple's Class, you'll learn the basics of creating your own truffles and a giant chocolate sharing slab. With the studio all to yourselves (and with the dedicated tuition of one of our chocolatiers) we'll get you into the swing of chocolate making - and get you started with a glass of bubbly! You'll begin with a chocolate tasting, discovering and discussing flavour notes from our range of single origins, you'll then choose your own flavour combinations to create a rich chocolate ganache. You'll fill, cap, dip and dust your chocolate truffles, and finish by learning about tempering and creating (and decorating!) a luxury marbled sharing slab each.

Due to COVID-19 there is no expiry date on our vouchers. Just give us a call to book in your class when you're ready!

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