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What is it?

The Romance Collection is a box of 6 flavours, all inspired by famous writers and composers. Each chocolate representing different areas of Romance, from Champagne, to Chilli. The writers were chosen to relate to every area of literature, so Shakespeare is there and so is JK Rowling, two completely different writers that are incredible in their own rights. I also wanted to include some obscure characters to, such as Edgar Allan Poe - who you may not initially think to be related to romance, but his mysterious and dark writing is so encapsulating, that I felt these characteristics were also present in romance (without getting too deep!) Hemingway, Dr Suess and Beethoven also make an appearance, in the form of Passionfruit, Strawberries and Cream and Cherry - the perfect gift for your Valentine. 

Ellie x

JK Rowling


A celebratory drink, alongside popping candy gives this chocolate a magical feel.

Dr Seuss

Strawberries and Cream

These fun splatters represent the humour of Dr Seuss, which strawberries and cream match beautifully to.



Passion is such a large part of romance,  that passionfruit was an obvious choice - represented by Hemingway who for along time lived in the tropical Florida Keys. 


Salted Caramel

A classic flavour for a classic writer - similar to Da Vinci, a firm favourite for everyone.



A sour cherry jam, matched with sweet cherry ganache, two parts of romance we a cannot miss out.

Edgar Allan Poe


The gothic writer, is embodied in a fiery chilli ganache - another part of love we cannot forget.

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