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Once upon a time (in 2015), in a land far away (Nottingham), Ellie Wharrad dreamt of brightly coloured bonbons filled with heavenly caramels, the sweetest jams & jellies, and the smoothest ganache. 

A recent graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, trained pastry chef Ellie was finding her way in the culinary world when during a trip to Bruges, she was inspired.


There were rows upon rows of beautiful chocolate bonbons, but where was the colour? It was there in that moment, the idea of Studio Chocolate was born.

Ellie began to create the colourful bonbons of her dreams, each delicately handpainted with its own beautiful design. She started selling on Facebook to family & friends, and it quickly became clear that this was a business ready to grow and develop. Flash forward a few months later and Studio Chocolate had its first official studio space on Thurland Street.

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of chocolate making classes, opening our own shop in Cobden Chambers, and adding irresistable bakery to our repertoire. We've been lucky enough to collaborate with some of our favourite Nottingham indies, creating bespoke chocolates for the likes of Nottingham Forest, KPMG, Savills, Morphe, Peppermint, Koti, and more. We were even featured on Channel 5's 'The Wonderful World of Chocolate' during our collaboration with the legendary Paul Smith!

Thanks to our loyal customers, fellow indies, and our wonderful and hardworking team, we even made it through a global pandemic. Our weekly Bakery Drops became a firm favourite during lockdown (and still are even now!)


One of our favourite lockdown projects was the DIY Date Night, when we worked with some of our favourite Notts businesses, No.12, Oscar & Rosies, The Bunbury Shop, Gigil & Bloom, Cottonmouth, and Jamcafe, creating Valentines Day Packages for all the lovers in lockdown!

Who knows what exciting adventures are next for Studio Chocolate. All we can say is we are certain its going to be a bright future, full of sweet treats and LOTS of love.

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