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What is it?

The Cosmic Collection is a brand new concept to Studio Chocolate, inspired by my interest in space and time. Ever since I was little and watched Doctor Who I've been fascinated by the Universe, so this to me, this was an obvious theme for our next collection. Matching flavours to the values and star signs of each planet, it ended up being the perfect theme to create chocolate through. For instance, Neptune is the God of the ocean, so making an elderflower and rose Jelly seemed very fitting. Saturn is the God of agriculture, so honey was used to encapsulate this, and so on. Its such an interesting theme for chocolate, from the way we mix the colours, by not quite mixing them completely so you can still see the movement in the paint - to the flavours that compliment the planets so well. You can buy The Cosmic Collection in store and online here - so go on.. #TASTETHEUNIVERSE

Ellie x

The Sun

Orange Caramel

Burning sugar seemed the perfect fit for the Sun, and with the addition of orange to highlight this further



purples represent the metals in this planet, perfectly matching to sweet liquorice.


rhubarb and custard

These two flavours marry perfectly together, to represent the romance and beauty in venus.


peppermint cookie

The mint is used to encapsulate nature and the plants that grow on earth, along with a stable base.



With the myth that the moon is made of cheese, the obvious choice was to go with a light and creamy mascarpone ganache.


CHIlli mango

With Mars being the god of war, chilli was the first thing to spring to mind, complimented with sweet mango.


mocha Caramel

The colours of jupiter make for mocha caramel, with swirls of browns and whites. 



silky smooth honey ganache represents the God of agriculture perfectly.


toasted marshmallow

The God of the sky, couldn't have anything other than marshmallows representing fluffy clouds.


Elderflower & rose

Elderflower and Rose jelly is encased in chocolate to depict the waves of the God of the Ocean.


fleur de sel

A 60% colombian ganache is perfectly matched with fleur de sel salt to highlight the God of the Underworld.



The brightest star in the skies is embodied in a zingy lemon ganache to highlight its vibrant connotations.

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