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What is it?

Inspired by the most Iconic artists of all time, this collection captures the essence of each artist - either using colours that represent their work or the flavours to compliment the style of their art. For instance, Van Gogh inspired our passion fruit flavour, for the passionate act of cutting his ear off, and the colours used in his 'Sunflowers' painting fitted well with the yellow fruit. Salvador Dali is matched with Coffee and Cardamom, to represent surrealism - as these flavours may not seem to go well together, but in my eyes they certainly do. The gold white and browns are inspired by his painting 'The Persistance of Memory'. Sour Cherry was named Edgar Degas for the light pinks used in his paintings of ballerinas, and the swirls of dark chocolate symbolise the dancing. An airbrush is used to create a velvet texture, creating the elegance Egdar Degas represents.  All in all, however you interpret this collection, good or bad, try and work out why each artist was chosen for yourself. This is no normal box of chocolates, it was designed to make you think about the flavours and processes used,  just as a piece of art would be, and I hope you appriciate The Artist Collection for exactly that!

- Ellie x


Praline and Pistachio

these flavours were chosen not only for the block colours to represent his work, but also for the ring 'Pistachio Picassio'


Mandarin Jelly

Mandarin replicates the oriental feel to Frida Kahlo's paintings

Da Vinci

Salted Caramel

A firm favourite, similar to Da Vinci's work. Classic and popular, and the gold dust gives it a luxurious feel.


Peanut butter and Jelly

The obvious american link with PB&J, but he also used a lot of yellow and red in his paintings. 


Popping Pretzel

Pollock uses splattering in his work, which is what we've done here. and the addition of popping candy fits very well with this. 

Van Gogh


The colours are to represent the sunflowers in his painting, and the fruit is to hint at the passionate act of cutting his ear off. 


71% blend

Banksy is a very dark artist, so using a dark chocolate seemed very fitting. 


Coffee and Cardamom

Dali had a lot to do with the surrealist movement, and this flavour combination is may not taste how it sounds..


Spots and stripes were used to create his pop art pieces, so red and black are used here, fitting well with strawberry and black pepper.

Strawberry + Black Pepper


Sour Cherry

Light pink is airbrushed to give it a velvet feel, showing the elegance of Degas' work, and the dancing dark chocolate piped on top.



Dark and light greens represent the famous lily pads painted by Claude Monet, perfectly relating to peppermint.


Blackberry + Violet

Blue and white are blended to represent the way she painted and as flowers were her muse, violet seemed an appropriate flavour.

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